Gaza stores are full of products but no customers.

Every dgazamarket.jpgay here in Gaza shop owners open their stores and display products to people coming to buy food and other home needs for their family. Sadly, due to the state of affairs in Gaza and Palestine, there are no salaries for Palestinian authority employees. This means that the stores become empty of clients and customers, who have no way to buy food because they have no cash 💵.

Here in Gaza, the store owners go to farmers and importers of products and bring their goods to be placed on display for sale. When people are unable to purchase the goods, the store owners are responsible to pay all expenses back to the farmers and importers. So, these days they are not only losing their products, but they also stay in debt to those importers (the first traders) which results in many of them having to close their shops and become jobless. This also leaves the farmers and importers with no customers and the cycle continues…

If you would to join us in supporting the Palestinian people in need of help. Please consider contributing to our foundations fundraiser. You can donate and read more here:

Rezeg Abed Mushtaha


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